4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Heating Unit

’Tis the season to crank up that thermostat! As the weather cools, staying warm and toasty at home is a priority. When was the last time you checked your home heating unit? Here are some ways to know if your furnace needs some TLC.

1. Your Furnace Is Noticeably Noisy

If you’re playing detective on your heating unit, check its noise. Do you hear anything new or strange? Then, that’s a sign you may need an upgrade. 

The noises could be coming from a belt, fan, or the blower. Our HVAC experts can help you determine what those terrible screeches or clangs mean.

2. It’s Over a Decade Old

Typically, home heating units last for about ten years. If yours is starting to get around that age, you’ll want to start looking for a new model.

Good news: Newer units are more energy efficient. While you’ll need to fork out some cash for a new one, you’ll ultimately save on your monthly bills!

Thermostats have also seen some major improvements through the years. You might want to consider swapping your existing unit for a smart, programmable thermostat, which is another great way to save energy—and money, too.

3. The Heat Is Inconsistent

If some rooms feel much warmer than others, or one room always seems to be really chilly, that can be another sign that you’re due for an upgrade. Home heating units are developed to evenly distribute warmth through your house. 

Before you jump to conclusions, check your air ducts. They could be the culprit! While inconsistent heat can be a sign of an aging heating unit, it can be helpful to have someone take a peek at the air ducts in your home to see if they need to be resealed or cleaned first. 

4. You Keep Repairing It

Absence makes the heart grow fonder… especially when it’s your repairman. If you’ve been calling for repairs way too often, that’s a big indication it’s time to get a new unit. Hopefully, if you’ve had to call a professional a few times, they’ve already recommended this (we certainly would!). 

We recommend completing regular maintenance on your furnace to extend the lifetime of the unit. You’ll spend less money, since you’ll catch big issues before it’s too late. 

Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace?

If you’re starting to get suspicious about your heating unit’s performance, let us know! Our expert technicians will assess the unit and present options. We always offer repairs first, but sometimes, replacing is the only way to go. 

Choosing a new furnace can be an intimidating task, so our certified technicians will assess your home’s unique heating needs, and be straightforward with you about replacement options. We’ll provide you with the exact cost before the work begins. Contact us today and we’ll help you get the heat going again! 

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