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Save on Backwater Valve Installation in Edmonton

If getting a mainline backwater valve hasn’t made it onto your to-do list yet, now is a great time to add it. During seasons of heavy rainfall, Edmonton homes without sewer backflow valves are at risk of flooding from raw sewage backup. Gurgling up floor drains, toilets, showers, and bathtubs–a raw sewage backup can take many pathways in your home, creating a mess in your living space and inconveniencing your plans.

But, there’s a simple device designed to centralize control over sewage backflow, preventing floods and protecting your home and valuables, while potentially saving you thousands of dollars of damage.

Backflow Preventer Valves Prevent Sewer Back-Ups

Backflow preventer, sewer backup valve or mainline backwater valve–although it has numerous names, the purpose of this important plumbing device is simple: Close the floodgates. The most effective solution available, a backwater valve uses a float ball or float gate to sense backflow from the city sewer system, automatically closing off your pipes to protect your home in the case of a sewage backup.

In accordance with the updated plumbing code, all new homes come complete with backwater valves. But, if you own an older home and haven’t installed one yet, you’re lacking valuable flood protection.

Now, for the good news. You may be eligible for EPCOR’s Backwater Valve Subsidy Program, which could save you up to $800 on backwater valve installation.

Save Up To $800 With The EPCOR Backwater Valve Rebate

EPCOR’s Backwater Valve Subsidy Program allows you to access a rebate of up to $800 to put toward the cost of approved valve brands and accredited installation.

The program is designed for Edmonton homeowners who have experienced a backwater flood, or those who are looking to get proactive with prevention. Proactive homeowners who are at risk may receive the subsidy based on special circumstances and are encouraged to apply.

 Who’s eligible?
  • Homeowners who have experienced a backwater flood
  • Homeowners who are at risk of experiencing a backwater flood
Eligibility criteria:
  • The residence is a single-family dwelling or a separately serviced duplex dwelling
  • The dwelling was built prior to 1989
  • The property is serviced directly from the City’s sewer system
  • A subsidy has not previously been provided for the same location
  • If flooding has previously occurred, it happened in the sanitary main line as a result of a major storm event

Simple steps to apply through EPCOR

  1. Book a pre-approval inspection
    Book a pre-approval inspection with EPCOR: Call (780) 944-7777 or email floodprevention@epcor.com
  2. Get professional installation
    Within 6 months of your inspection, get one of the approved valve products professionally installed
  3. Complete EPCOR application
    Within 6 months of installation, complete the application and submit to EPCOR (Always Plumbing can submit the application on your behalf)
  4. Get up to $800
    Receive your subsidy cheque by mail (first-come, first-served basis, approval not guaranteed)

Read the full details about EPCOR’s Backwater Valve Subsidy Program.

Backwater Valve Installation

Our expert team will make your backwater valve installation a breeze. We’re here to source, install and ensure optimal operation, giving you the peace of mind and protection you deserve.

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