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Edmonton Poly-B Pipe Replacement Services

What is Poly-B Plumbing?

Poly-B pipes, made from a grey polybutylene plastic with copper connections and elbows, was used in the 1980s and 1990s in over 700,000 Canadian homes. Check the piping leading from your water tank or water meter to verify if you have these pipes in your home.

Should I Replace Poly-B Pipe?

It’s highly recommended that Poly-B pipes be replaced if you see them in your home because the bad news is that there are several issues with this type of polybutylene plumbing:

  • They are prone to cracking and bursting
  • Mold and mildew can be a significant risk
  • Some insurance companies will not cover homes with Poly-B piping until it is replaced
  • It can be expensive to deal with the fallout from a plumbing failure in your home

Poly-B Pipe Replacement

Always Plumbing & Heating employs the skilled plumbers you need to assess and diagnose if you have Poly-B pipes and to replace it with new pex “A” plastic pipe and fittings.

How does the Poly-B pipe replacement process work?


First, we do an assessment of how much Poly-B plumbing your home may have and the best points to access it. Before we begin work, we ensure that your home and belongings are protected during the project. We cover your floors and furniture with a protective barrier so that we mitigate any risk of damage during the Poly-B pipe replacement process.


In order to replace the pipes, it does mean we will have to make entry holes in the drywall or ceiling to be able to complete our work and replace the Poly-B plumbing lines with copper.

Repair & Remediation

You can breathe with peace of mind now that the Poly-B pipe is replaced. If you require clean up and restoration of your home to the way we found it, we can also assist you with this! That means we can:

  • Clean up any dust and debris from our work
  • Repair any access holes in the drywall
  • Ensure your walls are painted back to their original colour

While repair and remediation is not part of your poly-b replacement estimate, on your request we can: provide a detailed estimate for repair and remediation, send an experienced subcontractor to complete repairs that are not specifically plumbing related, coordinate subcontractor work, and manage the job for you, start to finish. This process takes approximately one week for us to complete depending on the amount of Poly-B pipe we find in your plumbing system.

Contact Always Plumbing & Heating at 780-489-8118 if you believe you have Poly-B piping and we can set up a time to assess and provide a quote on the cost to replace the Poly-B pipes in your home.

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