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     You may have heard our jingle on the radio or seen our motto online, but when we say “We Want to Bring You Comfort”, what does that truly mean? By comfort, we mean home comfort, which is extremely important to[Read More...]

    The dog days of summer are coming to an end, and while last winter’s memory may be a thing of the past, there is no doubt that eventually sub-zero temperatures will arrive once again. With many Albertans spending more time[Read More...]

    You walk into your kitchen or bathroom and smell a strong odour that you can’t quite place, it could be coming from your drains. Drain odours are a common problem that happens over time, but there are some simple things[Read More...]

    It’s been another rainy summer in Edmonton, and the water table has been rising significantly due to 2 consecutive summers with record rainfall. Heavy rainfall poses a risk to homeowners, in which the water can seep into a basement causing[Read More...]

      When it comes to water leaks in the home, statistics show:   40% of homeowners will suffer from water damage at some point in their lives.   The average home loses 17 gallons of water daily due to undetected[Read More...]