How to Test your Sump Pump

Your home’s sump pump is a critical plumbing component. It removes water from your basement or crawl space and can be used anywhere standing water poses a problem. Essentially, it protects your home from water intrusion and your foundation from water damage. The pump is activated when its interior float rises because of water, forcing it to turn on and start pumping water from the area.

A sump pump has a fairly long lifespan, but just like everything else meant for long-term use, your sump pump too needs regular plumbing maintenance. Testing your sump pump regularly can help identify any problems so that you can fix them before they become worse and result in serious consequences for your home.

Steps for Testing A Sump Pump

Test your pump at least once every two to three months. If you notice anything that seems out of the ordinary or your sump pump is not working at all, call in your local plumbing experts.

  • First, you will need to find the outside exit pipe that catches water. Look inside for any debris or dirt that may be clogging the exit and remove it.
  • Next, look for the sump pump unit in your basement or crawl space. Follow the electrical cables from the pump to the outlet. Unplug the float device and just plug in the pump. You should be able to hear the pump start to run. Unplug the cords again and then plug in the float cord first, then the pump second.
  • Take the lid off your sump pump and slowly pour water into the crock. You should hear the pump turn on and start pumping water outside of the crock. Wait for the water to pump away, then repeat the process to make sure the sump pump continues to turn on.

If your sump pump fails to turn on as the crock fills with water or it only turns on periodically, you should call in a plumber for assistance. There may be an issue with the floating device or the pump may need to be replaced.

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