Meet Our Mascot, Al-Wez

Meet Our Mascot, Al-Wez

Yup, you’ve read that right. Always Plumbing & Heating has its very own mascot!

His name is Al-Wez, a friendly alien technician who is always smiling while delivering “service that’s outta this world!”.

Al-Wez landed at Always Plumbing & Heating in Spring of 2019, after traveling 18,000 lightyears from Planet Plumbing. While he is technically an alien, he’s no alien to our service model and was drawn to the positive culture of our team. He saw a lot of the teams’ characteristics in himself, and he sure fit right in! While he may look a little funny, he becomes a fan favorite with his ever-growing enthusiasm, wit, and curiosity. He’s also quite a handy little fella if you know what we mean! With those 4 arms, he is great on the tools. He’s always willing to lend a hand (or four) to our technicians when they are tackling a tricky plumbing or heating job. And with that big eye, he sure knows how to focus, and multi-task! His pointy alien ears make him a great listener too, just like our technicians.

Keep an eye out for Al-Wez in the community, as he likes to make the occasional appearance at community events. Give him a high-five and you may even see him do a little dance! He loves to be the centre of attention and is thrilled to share his quirky uniqueness to make you smile. And when you use the services of Always Plumbing & Heating, Al-Wez is going to guarantee that you get an “outta this world” service experience…ALWAYS!

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