Furnace Filters and Indoor Air Quality

Air filtration in your home is important. While you may only start to think about your furnace filter as you notice more dust around the house or your allergies kick up, you should be changing your filter long before this happens. Why wait until you require costly furnace repairs?

How Often Should a Homeowner Replace the Furnace Filter?

Your replacement frequency depends on the type of filter you have installed. Some filters can last as long as six months, while others need monthly replacements. The size of your home and overall air quality can change those timeframes too.

For example, in a larger home, even with a six-month filter, you may have to replace the furnace filter more frequently because more air is moving through it. If you have pets, you will need to change your furnace filter twice as often, because pet dander can clog a filter. Ignoring this will ultimately result in expensive furnace repair or even replacement of the unit.

Why Replace an Air Filter?

Whether you are using heating or air conditioning, frequent replacement of your air filter matters to indoor air quality. In the winter and summer, when your air conditioning unit or furnace are working their hardest, you should replace monthly.

The most important reasons why you should replace your air filter include:

  • Extending the Life of Your Unit – Your heating or air conditioning unit will breakdown with a clogged filter. As dirt accumulates inside, the system can overheat and when your motor works harder, it eventually wears down and breaks.
  • Lower Energy Costs – You may be able to lower your energy bills just by replacing your air filter regularly, because it takes less energy to run a clean unit versus a clogged one.
  • Better Air Quality – Whether you have allergies, asthma or just want clean, fresh air, it all starts with your air filter. Dirty air filters contribute to poor air quality inside your home and can even worsen the air because dirt, dust, allergens and dander are being released back into your home.
  • Keeping Your System Clean – If your furnace or air conditioner operates with a dirty filter, that dirt accumulates inside and can result in more service and furnace repairs.

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