Common Signs You May Need Heating Repairs in Edmonton

Check any list of the coldest places on Earth and Alberta is never far from the top ten. In other words, a furnace breakdown in the dead of winter in this snowy wonderland of ours is no laughing matter.

A heating system that you can rely on in Edmonton is not a luxury!

Let’s take a look at five signs your heating system in Edmonton may need some professional TLC:

  1. Sudden spikes in heating bills. Incremental increases are one thing, but if you notice big jumps in your heating bills, it could be a sign your furnace needs maintenance. Regular professional preventative maintenance is normal for heating systems that work as hard as they do in Edmonton.
  2. Uneven heating. Are some areas of your home colder than others? Over time, duct joints can come apart, diverting hot air away from areas that need it. Or ducts can become obstructed with animal and insect nests or accumulated dust and dirt. Time to call in a professional heating expert!
  3. Unusual noises. “Shake, rattle and roll” may sound swell coming through your headphones, but when it comes from your basement, well… it’s a different story. Furnaces and blowers in good condition are relatively quiet. If you hear strange clanging, banging or hums from your furnace when it runs, consider it time for emergency furnace repair in Edmonton before the whole system shuts down completely.
  4. Decreased heating capacity. You’re paying good money to keep your family warm and comfortable during those long, cold winter stretches. But if you find yourself turning your thermostats up a little more each day just to stay ahead of the cold, it’s a sure sign your furnace isn’t working efficiently. Or maybe you hear your furnace cycling on and off more often than it should? Or your pilot light is yellow or orange instead of blue? These are all signs your heating system in Edmonton needs looking after.
  5. Strange odours. This is not something you can afford to neglect. If the hot air blowing through your vents smells strange (especially if it’s a burnt smell), it’s time for emergency furnace repair in Edmonton. This could be a sign of something seriously wrong with your furnace or blower and a very real fire hazard.

A properly functioning heating system in Edmonton is not a luxury! Contact Always Plumbing & Heating with all your questions regarding your heating system. At Always Plumbing & Heating we’re happy to help with all your emergency furnace repair needs in Edmonton, 24/7!

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