The Best Garage Heaters for 2022

When winter hits in Edmonton, many of us want to hibernate! While that’s not an option, having a garage heater for your vehicle can make the season a little more bearable. 

Garage heaters allow you to use the space whenever you want, even when the temperature drops into a range where we’d all like to crawl back into bed. A nice and toasty garage means you can use it as a workshop or as storage without any danger. Garage heaters eliminate the need for idling, which means a decreased carbon monoxide risk and far less stress on your vehicle. They are also a far safer alternative to space heaters.

At Always Plumbing and Heating, we recommend natural gas garage heaters. They are less expensive to operate and more energy efficient. Here are our top picks:

Hot Dawg® by Modine

Hot Dawg Garage Heater for winters
Gas-efficient Hot Dawg® garage heater.

We carry the Hot Dawg® Power Vented model. When it’s cold in the winter, this is an excellent choice for heating residential garages but it’s great for commercial or industrial spaces too. Hot Dawg® garage heaters come in a variety of sizes. 

One of our favourite things about this brand is that it is incredibly quiet. You get all the comfort without the noise! 

The Hot Dawg® Power Vented heater can run on natural gas or propane and puts out 30,000 to 120,000 BTU of heat, making the area balmy and pleasant. These units are quick to install, since they’re power-vented and extremely lightweight. 


Highly efficient Reznor garage heater for winters.
Safety-packed Reznor® garage heater.

We’re big fans of Reznor® and carry the UDAP and UDAS models of their V3 heater. If you have a minimally insulated garage, this could be the pick for you! We’re consistently impressed with these industry-leading units, which are available in several sizes. 

These garage heaters also run on natural gas or propane, and are controlled by a separate thermostat. We’re big fans of the safety features Reznor® has on their units. These models run on a spark igniter with no standing pilot light. 

Like the Hot Dawg®, these heaters are extremely quiet. Power venting increases the efficiency of the units, and they also boast an 82% to 83% energy-efficiency rating.

Let’s Talk About Your Garage Heater Options

If your daily weather forecast checks have you thinking about a garage heater in time for winter, give us a call! We’ll discuss our top picks for your space, answer any questions you have, and schedule an installation. Your garage doesn’t have to be a frigid, uncomfortable spot! Contact us today to book your appointment

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