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    The Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

    The Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

    March 13, 2019

    Smart Thermostat

    A typical thermostat does one thing: regulates your home’s temperature while a smart thermostat does so much more! This complex control system gives you the ability to manipulate every type of environmental control in your home. The smart thermostat systems communicate to several components of your heating system, from your air conditioner to your air filter, your humidifier and more.

    Why Choose A Smart Thermostat

    Some other benefits of a smart thermostat include:

    • Remote access from your computer, tablet or smartphone device
    • Energy savings
    • The ability to adjust the temperature from anywhere
    • Get emailed alerts in the event your heating system fails
    • Easy programming
    • Vacation mode
    • Child safety locks

    For a limited time, you can receive a rebate through Energy Efficiency Alberta when you install a smart thermostat with Always Plumbing & Heating certified technicians, or with a certified contractor.

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