8 Simple and Easy Ways to Save Water in Edmonton

8 Simple and Easy Ways to Save Water in Edmonton

More and more people nowadays are looking for ways to conserve water as they go about their everyday lives. If you’re interested in netting some savings on your utility bill, then the experienced and dependable plumbers at Edmonton’s Always Plumbing and Heating have eight simple and easy tips for you:

1) Remember to turn off the tap

Turning off the tap while you brush your teeth can really cause the amount of water you save on a daily basis to add up, as can shortening your showers by just a few minutes.

2) Repair a leaky toilet

Leaky toilets are constantly wasting water, but the good news is that they can often be fixed with some simple repairs by an experienced Edmonton plumber.

3) Convert to a dual flush toilet

Better yet, consider replacing your toilet with a new, far more water-efficient dual flush toilet. Even a properly functioning toilet is still wasting more water than any other fixture. A dual flush toilet ensures you are using only as much water as you need.

4) Repair or replace a leaky water tank

If your water tank is leaking, then it’s high time to look into available water tanks in Edmonton that can replace your old one. Not only is it wasting water, but it may start breaking down on you. You may also want to consider a tankless water heater for your Edmonton home. Tankless heaters take up much less space and can deliver all the hot water you need on demand.

5) Choose high-efficiency shower heads

Today’s high-efficiency shower heads not only cut down on water consumption, but do so while still providing a powerful stream with enough pressure to make you feel adequately cleaned off.

6) Use your washing machine and dishwasher smartly

Don’t do a load of laundry or run the dishwasher while neither machine is full. Waiting until you can do a full load will save you both time and water.

7) Use excess water for plants

If you have plants, then you don’t ever need to dump perfectly good water down the drain. If you’re finished drinking or if you have cooled, leftover water from making pasta, give it to your plants instead!

8) Invest in a water softener

Finally, installing a water softener in your Edmonton home can save more water than you might think. Water softeners can help you take quicker showers because soft water is better at lathering soap and shampoo, and better at cleaning it off. Soft water is also much more effective at cleaning dishes.

At Always Plumbing and Heating you can trust us to provide you with the very best water softeners, water tanks, and tankless water heaters in Edmonton.

We can also provide you with regular maintenance and repairs to make sure your plumbing is working as efficiently as possible.

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