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  • Sump Pumps

    Edmonton Residential Sump Pump Service and Installation

    Regularly testing your sump pump is a great way to make sure that you have constant protection from flooding. If there is a small amount water that is overflowing in your basement consistently, then you can be one large storm away from major water damage. Always Plumbing will service your old sump pump by adding new replacement parts and making sure that there are no blockages in the pipeline moving water away from your home. We also install new sump pumps and backup sump pumps to protect your home from water damage.

    Sump Pump Alarms

    Looking to reduce your home insurance premium? We also offer sump pump alarms that keep an eye on your sump pump water levels. Our pump alarms have a sensor to indicate dangerous levels of water build-up in the sump pit. After heavy rain, melting snow or other water runoff, your sump pump can quickly fill. If the water doesn’t drain out and is close to overflowing, the alarm will sound. If your alarm sounds, contact Always Plumbing for 24/7 plumbing emergency sump pump service throughout the greater Edmonton area. We will make sure your home is protected day or night.


    If you need to replace or upgrade your sump pump, Always Plumbing offers a variety of sump pumps suited to your home’s needs – and your budget. We can help you choose from brands such as:

    • Bell & Gossett
    • Myers®
    • Little Giant
    • Hydromatic®

    Contact the plumbers at Always Plumbing or call us at 780-489-8118 to get your sump pump serviced or upgraded with an alarm to give you peace of mind.