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    Edmonton Home Indoor Air Quality

    Edmonton has long, harsh winters that can take a toll on furnaces and ducts. This is because your system often has to work non-stop to keep your home warm and comfortable. The result? Stale, or potentially dangerous, air quality in your home.

    The Importance of Good Air Quality

    Indoor Air QualityDust, allergens, germs, and even toxic substances can be trapped in your home if you don’t clean your ducts or filters regularly. At best, poor air quality may affect your allergies, and even trigger asthma attacks. Prolonged exposure to low-quality air can have very serious health consequences, such as respiratory and cardiovascular system damage.

    Over time, your risk for lung cancer, severe respiratory diseases, and heart disease increases. Don’t put your health at risk, schedule a duct and furnace cleaning with Always Plumbing & Heating.

    How to Move from Good to Superior Air Quality

    Why settle for just “good” air quality? Strive for superiority by calling our experts in. Our experts are trained in specific and targeted procedures which, after thoroughly assessing the current quality of your air, they will apply to your entire air filtration and ventilation system.

    Where situations call for humidifiers, our technicians will recommend types and brands according to your home’s specific needs.

    Additionally, because we only hire the best, all our technicians are nationally certified to wear the Technician Seal of Safety. Feel confident in our results at Always Plumbing & Heating!

    Don’t put off having clean air in your home, Always Plumbing & Heating is only a phone call away! Call us at 780-489-8118 or Contact Us to schedule a service call!