Supply Valve Locations in Your Edmonton Home

Supply Valve Locations in Your Edmonton Home

When things go wrong with your Edmonton plumbing system, it is easy to panic – especially if a leak is involved. Any kind of leak, whether it originates from a pipe or a fixture, can cause extensive water damage. Often the water from a leak can create more damage than the initial problem. Understanding a few plumbing basics can help curb the cost (and headache) of additional repair work.

At the very minimum, a homeowner should know the following information:

  • The Water Supply Valve Locations for Sinks, Toilets and Major Appliances

The toilet shut-off valve is located underneath the tank and against the wall. There will be flexible metal tubing connected to a handle. To turn off the water, turn the handle clockwise.

The kitchen/bathroom sink shut-off valve should be underneath the sink. There should be two sets of flexible metal tubing with corresponding handles. Turn both handles clockwise.

The clothes washer shut-off valves should be directly above and behind the unit. They are easy to see if you are looking for them. However, sometimes they are located in a less conspicuous area. If you don’t see the valves in plain sight, you might need to pull the washer away from the wall. When you have located the valves, simply turn both clockwise.

Bathtubs, refrigerators and other major appliances will have different locations for their valves depending on different factors. Bathtubs with exposed plumbing should have the valve clearly visible, but most modern tubs are recessed designs with the plumbing hidden from view. Your refrigerator has valves located directly behind the unit on the wall. There might be some exploration required to find certain valves. Spend an afternoon recording where your appliance valves are located. It’s important that everyone in household know where they are in case of an emergency.

  • The Type of Heat, Hot Water and Air Conditioning You Have (electric, natural gas or propane)

How familiar are you with your central air and water heater units? A basic knowledge of these essential systems is key when you are dealing with repair or maintenance issues. Does your furnace run on natural gas? Is your water heater electric? Knowing the type of fuel they run on and how they work will save you both time and money in the future. An easy way to collect the information is to schedule routine maintenance and have an HAVC professional talk you through the unit specifics.

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  • The Location of the Main Water Shut-Off Valve

The shut-off valve to a home is the best way to cut off the water if there is a major leak. The first shut-off valve to a home’s water supply is called a “curb stop” and located underground and near the street. It sometimes buried in the dirt, but usually easily accessed under concrete. This valve is the one that water department will use if contacted to turn off the water. The main valve that can be easily accessed by the homeowner is usually located inside the home, but that location can vary depending on the age of the house and local building codes. Your home’s water meter is where you access the main shut-off valve, which is attached directly to the meter. There will usually be two valves (a supply and home connection) on each side of the meter. To shut off the water supply, turn off the valve located before the meter clockwise. Edmonton meters are usually located in the basement, but they can also be found in the crawl space or the main floor.

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