Schedule Routine Washer Maintenance by Your Trusted Plumber in Edmonton

Laundry is not everyone’s favourite part of the week, but it is a necessary chore. It can be made a lot easier with a washer that is working its best. Do you have an old washer that has seen better days, or a new machine that has some confusing settings? No matter the case, proper maintenance is crucial to extend its life and keep your clothes really, truly clean after the rinse cycle.

Rest easy with the help of experienced Edmonton plumbers at Always Plumbing & Heating for washer maintenance inspections, repairs, and emergency plumbing services. Don’t get stuck with dirty laundry, stained clothes, or a flooded laundry room. Contact our trained plumbers for fast services and professional repairs today.

Washer Maintenance Tips from Your Edmonton Plumbers

Some preventative care techniques can greatly reduce the chances of facing an issue with your washer. Follow the tips below or contact our skilled plumbing experts to discuss your make and model of washer.

Use these tips once a month to keep your washer working its best:

  • Clean Inside: You may not think you need to clean your washer, since it cleans for you, but it is important to ensure your clothes are coming out as clean as possible. Running a DIY solution of bleach and laundry detergent through the soak and rinse cycles can eliminate odours and get your clothes coming out perfectly fresh.
  • Open the Door: Leave the door open between loads to allow moisture to escape and limit the chances of mold developing.
  • Clean Outside: Just like the inside, the outside of your machine will benefit from a regular wipe down. Detergent spills, debris, and other residues can build up over time and lead to poor performance, clogs, and other issues. Take some time to wipe down the machine and keep it clean.
  • Check Hoses: The hoses that connect to your washer are important to inspect. With the standard rubber hoses, many issues can arise at a quicker rate than suggested reinforced stainless steel hoses. Call Always Plumbing to inspect your washer in Edmonton, preventing your laundry routine from being interrupted by problematic, time consuming and costly flooding. We know the effects corrosion, high pressures and temperatures can have on rubber hoses and will check for signs of rust, cracking, bulges and blistering.

Take extra care of your washer with routine maintenance from a plumber in Edmonton. A quick inspection can ensure your machine is operating properly and works efficiently for years to come. The reputable team at Always Plumbing & Heating can provide plumbing services and emergency repairs to keep your home warm, clothes clean, and take care of any plumbing issues.

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