Plumbing Fixes Before Selling

Plumbing Fixes Before Selling
Selling Your Home? Make Sure Your Plumbing is up to Snuff Before Listing!

Selling a home gives you the opportunity to make a profit, but you also need to consider the things that could hinder your sale. A problem with the plumbing turns potential buyers away and may cause complications for the selling process. By taking the time to fix potential concerns before listing your property, you gain an advantage by passing the inspection and keeping the interest of a buyer. While the exact steps you take depend on the problems, having a clear idea of when to fix an issue helps you take action before a buyer asks for an inspection.

Leaks in the Pipes

A key problem to fix before listing a property is a leak. Do not allow a leak to persist, especially when it is a small problem that can worsen over time. Some leaks may just need you to tighten a pipe, but more serious leaks should require you to bring in a professional to put an end to the problem.

The key reason to fix a leak before listing is the potential for water damage. If you allow the leak to persist, then a buyer may see damaged floors or damaged wood under the sink. Fixing the leak and repairing any damage ensures that your home makes a positive first impression. Ideally, you want to fix the problem before it damages any other part of your home.

Problems with Water Pressure

Water pressure is a complicated problem because it is not always easy to fix. The problem may stem from a clog in your plumbing, partially closed shut-off valves or issues with your home’s water. Home buyers will almost always go around to check if everything is working well, and may feel unsure about moving forward should they discover low water pressure. This is one of those subtle things that can make you miss out on a sale that many sellers are not aware of until their home has sat on the market for far too long.

Before calling a professional, check that your shut-off valves are fully open. If you notice the valve is partially closed, then turn the valve and then check your water pressure. In some situations, you will have better water pressure. When the problem persists, call a professional to check for other issues. A professional may remove a clog or change out the plumbing. In other situations, a professional may install a pump to increase the water pressure. Keep in mind that the pressure may relate to the water on your street, so you may benefit from calling the local water department should all else fail.

Clogs and Sewer Problems

Fix a clog in the toilet, sinks or shower before listing the property. If you have a problem with the sewage, then contact a professional to fix the issue. A problem with the sewage may range from consistent clogs to a toilet that backs up and leaves a mess in your home. Allow a professional to address the problems with your sewage system before you sell the property.

Rusty or Damaged Water Heaters

Do not list your property if your water heater has a large amount of rust or other complications. As the seller, you are responsible for problems that relate to your water heater or plumbing. Replace the water heater if you notice severe rust, damage to the system or it does not work effectively.

Fixing problems with your plumbing improves your ability to sell a home without delays. Even a small change, like fixing a leak, gives your buyer confidence in the house. Do not wait until the inspection to repair obvious problems and be aware that some issues may still arise during the inspection. You can also get an inspection before listing the property to ensure that you understand all of the potential problems and have an opportunity to repair an issue with your plumbing before you sell the house.

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