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    Laundry is not everyone’s favourite part of the week, but it is a necessary chore. It can be made a lot easier with a washer that is working its best. Do you have an old washer that has seen better[Read More...]

    Living through an Edmonton winter should give a homeowner a good idea on whether or not they need more insulation. The negative temperatures and invasive weather can take a toll on any home, but one with insufficient insulation will feel[Read More...]

    Now that Edmonton is in the middle of another winter season, it’s time to look at the impact that it has on the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home. With lows in the negative double digits and snow storms[Read More...]

    One of the most important appliances in your Edmonton home is your water heater. In fact, residential water heating is estimated to be the second biggest energy use for Canadian households, accounting for approximately 40% of total electrical energy consumption.*[Read More...]

    Your grandmother’s ring, a beloved toy, or a favourite pair of earrings… they have all accidentally fallen down the drain at some point! Luckily, there are some useful methods you can try to retrieve them with minimal damage. Using some[Read More...]