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    A sump pump is designed to keep basements from accumulating water when flooding happens regularly. It also helps to reduce dampness when the water table is above a home’s foundation. There are hundreds of thousands of sump pumps in Canada,[Read More...]

      When things go wrong with your Edmonton plumbing system, it is easy to panic – especially if a leak is involved. Any kind of leak, whether it originates from a pipe or a fixture, can cause extensive water damage.[Read More...]

    An often-overlooked problem during our harsh Edmonton winters is the effect of dry air in a home. Dry air can contribute to a number of issues that directly affect a household. Sinus problems, nose bleeds, dry skin and static electricity[Read More...]

    More and more people nowadays are looking for ways to conserve water as they go about their everyday lives. If you’re interested in netting some savings on your utility bill, then the experienced and dependable plumbers at Edmonton’s Always Plumbing[Read More...]

      The recent extreme cold warnings this winter are nothing new to Edmonton. Temperatures in the double negative digits are a part of living in Alberta. But even though the weather is frigid and uninviting, it doesn’t mean that your[Read More...]