The Importance of Well-Maintained Air Intakes on Your Home

Your home’s furnace relies on the process of combustion using outside air. That is why your home is equipped with air intake pipes on the outside. There are two types of intakes. Fresh Air Supplies oxygen from the outdoors into your home which we breathe and reduces chances of having sick building syndrome. The other is a combustion air intake which supplies oxygen the furnace which your furnace breathes and uses the combustion the natural gas.

For safety reasons, you not only need to make sure you never block your air intakes, but also that they are cleaned to avoid any back drafting.

Maintaining Your Air Intake

You need clean air to freely move through your furnace. To properly do so, follow these tips:

  1. Identify the Intake – When your furnace is running, go outside to your vents or hoods. You will notice several vents located in the same area – one is often the intake, the exhaust and a dryer vent. You can identify the intake just by feeling which vent is sucking air into the house. Also an intake will have a screen on the vent, which prevents leaves, grass and animals making a home inside as well.
  2. Identify the Exhaust – Make sure your dryer is not running, but your furnace is. Then, feel in front of the vents to see which is letting air out.
  3. Keep Airflow Intakes and Exhausts Clear – Once you know which vents on the exterior of your home are the intake and exhaust, you must keep them clear. Never place patio furniture, storage items, etc. in front of these vents. Without proper airflow, your furnace will not function properly. Without proper ways to remove contaminated air. Also, newer models of furnaces have automatic shutdown features. If they are not getting the air they need, they will automatically turn off to preserve their components but also prevent any contaminated air from being pushed back into the home.

If you suspect your home is not receiving proper airflow or you have noticed your furnace keeps kicking on and off, you may have an issue with your intake or exhaust vents and are in need of furnace repair in Edmonton. Always Plumbing & Heating in Edmonton offers service and maintenance appointments for furnaces from all manufacturers. We will not only make sure your unit is efficient, but safe with the proper airflow. Give us a call at 780-489-8118 or contact us online.

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