Give Your Edmonton Heating System Some Love

Give Your Edmonton Heating System Some Love

The recent extreme cold warnings this winter are nothing new to Edmonton. Temperatures in the double negative digits are a part of living in Alberta. But even though the weather is frigid and uninviting, it doesn’t mean that your Valentine’s Day should be chilly as well. Show your heating system some love this month and ensure that your home is warm and comfortable for the holiday – and the remainder of winter. Edmonton homes put a lot of stress on their heating systems throughout the season, so it’s important to keep them maintained and running efficiently. Show your HVAC a little love this Valentine’s Day by performing some mid-winter care. We have the tips that will keep your household comfortable through the spring thaw.

Use the Programmable Thermostat

Most modern HVAC systems have a programmable thermostat to maximize efficiency. But many households don’t take advantage of the scheduling options, which can help lower utilities and keep the system running smoothly. Try setting your thermostat at 68 degrees for the morning while lowering it about 8 degrees for days when the house is empty. These settings can (and should) be altered according to the household’s comfort level. But by lowering the average temperature by at least three – five degrees you will be putting less stress on the system. Try experimenting with lower settings at night as well. There is only so much flexibility that the frigid temperatures will allow, so finding the right settings will be tricky, but worth it.

Change the Filter

One of the best ways you can show your heating system some love is to change out the filter at least once a month during the winter. The same holds true in the summer when the air conditioning is running constantly. But the difference in the winter is that the outside temperatures are so extreme, the heating system rarely gets a break. With your HVAC running constantly to keep warm, and the house closed up tight, dust and debris can collect at a much higher rate. While Edmonton experiences temps in the negative double digits, make sure you check your heating filter at least once a week. Dirty filters can make your system work harder and increase energy usage by up to 15 percent. Keep your filter clean and performing efficiently throughout the winter and your HVAC will love you back.

Fix Minor Problems Quickly

When small problems arise with your heating system, it’s best to fix them right away. Odd sounds or unusual cycling could be the precursor to a far more invasive issue. Your heating unit is working overtime in the winter, so any noticeable change should not be taken lightly. If you notice anything out of the ordinary regarding your system’s performance, call a professional technician ASAP.

Midwinter Maintenance

If you missed scheduling your annual maintenance last fall, it’s not too late to have it assessed by an HVAC technician. Your HVAC should have annual maintenance performed at least twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. This will help ensure that any problems are fixed before they become major issues – and keep it performing efficiently throughout the peak seasons. Though Always Plumbing & Heating recommends having this service performed well before the temperature falls to negative 14, it’s never a bad time to have the entire system checked.

This Valentine’s Day, show your heating system a little love by keeping it running efficiently. Paying closer attention to its performance – and relying on professionals for care will ensure you get some love in return. If your system has been showing signs of fatigue, or not performing at maximum efficiency, contact the professional technicians at Always Heating & Plumbing today! Don’t let the frigid weather affect the health and comfort of your family. Call us at 780-489-8118 today to schedule an appointment.

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