Furnace Tune-Ups Reduce the Risk of Sudden Breakdowns

Furnace Tune-Ups Reduce the Risk of Sudden Breakdowns

Another winter is on the horizon, which means it’s time to think about scheduling maintenance on your furnace. While you may not think of it most of the year, you certainly expect your furnace to be there for you when the cool weather arrives, working efficiently to keep you warm and comfortable in your home. Neglecting this essential piece of home comfort equipment is a mistake made by many. Just as your vehicle requires routine maintenance and oil changes to keep it operational and efficient, so does your home’s furnace. When failing to have your heating equipment professionally maintained each year, you are placing yourself at risk of a breakdown when the cold weather arrives and your system cannot keep up. Once you are left with a furnace that isn’t doing its job when the temperatures dip below freezing, you will never make the mistake of skipping out on an annual fall furnace tune-up again. But, don’t wait for this to happen to you!

What Does an 18-Point Furnace Tune-up Include?

A comprehensive furnace tune-up should include essential tests and procedures to keep your equipment running efficiently and to keep your family safe. When you book a furnace tuneup with Always Plumbing & Heating, you can be sure we will conduct the following steps:

  •   Testing your systems for dangerous gas leaks and carbon monoxide
  •   Inspecting and testing your ignition and control circuits, fan, and condensate drain
  •   Performing a safety inspection on your heat exchanger
  •   Testing the electrical components, venting, and airflow
  •   Cleaning and lubricating the blower assembly
  •   Calibrating your thermostats
  •   Inspecting your humidifier and indoor air quality products
  •   And much, much more!

Risks of Neglecting Furnace Maintenance

At Always Plumbing & Heating, we strongly believe in the importance of annual furnace tune-ups as preventative maintenance. Properly maintained equipment will reduce the need for emergency repairs, breakdowns, or premature replacement of your entire system. Not to mention, an improperly maintained system is certain to be working overcapacity, resulting in higher gas bills that are avoidable with a routine annual furnace tune-up. It also should also be mentioned, as many homeowners fail to realize, that most furnace manufacturer warranties are null and void if you fail to provide them with records of annual furnace maintenance (by a certified professional) in the event that your equipment fails while still under the warranty period. It is very important to not only read the print on the manufacturer warranty of your equipment but also ensure that you are following their recommendations for this reason alone. The small investment for a furnace tune-up will be worth it to keep your furnace clean and ensure it is performing optimally, preventing major repairs or replacements down the road.

What Sets Our Techs Apart?

At Always Plumbing & Heating, our expert HVAC technicians believe in going above and beyond in completing a thorough tune-up of your equipment and providing you with a record of every single step that was complete. Our technicians in Edmonton and the greater area will make sure that you are completely satisfied before they leave your home and you sign off on the job. Always Plumbing & Heating wants you to stay warm all winter and not worry about being stuck with a broken unit. Schedule your annual furnace tune-up with us today for peace-of-mind home comfort that you can count on! 

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