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    The North Saskatchewan River supplies Edmonton with some of the best water in the world, but on its way to your home, it flows over sediment and limerock, picking up lots of minerals. As a result, the river water is[Read More...]

    Check any list of the coldest places on Earth and Alberta is never far from the top ten. In other words, a furnace breakdown in the dead of winter in this snowy wonderland of ours is no laughing matter. A[Read More...]

      The recent extreme cold warnings this winter are nothing new to Edmonton. Temperatures in the double negative digits are a part of living in Alberta. But even though the weather is frigid and uninviting, it doesn’t mean that your[Read More...]

    Laundry is not everyone’s favourite part of the week, but it is a necessary chore. It can be made a lot easier with a washer that is working its best. Do you have an old washer that has seen better[Read More...]

    Living through an Edmonton winter should give a homeowner a good idea on whether or not they need more insulation. The negative temperatures and invasive weather can take a toll on any home, but one with insufficient insulation will feel[Read More...]