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    A New Living Room

    Maximizing Air Quality With Electric Air Filters and UV Lamps

    March 9, 2018

    Keeping the air clean in your home isn’t something you can afford to skimp out on – especially as we continue to barrel straight through the heart of a season where it seems like everywhere you turn, someone else is[Read More...]

    The Inside Of a Living Room

    Tips for a Healthy Winter IAQ

    January 26, 2018

    It’s no surprise that indoor air quality gets worse during winter. People stay indoors where pollutants can be 2-10 times as bad as the air outside. And in an effort to save energy and feel warmer, homeowners often seal air leaks and[Read More...]

    A sick male

    Fighting Allergies in Your Edmonton Home

    May 4, 2017

    Because temperatures vary across the country, allergy season in Canada starts at different times depending on the province. While Edmonton is still transitioning from winter weather, that doesn’t mean the populace isn’t suffering from allergies. But pollen isn’t the only[Read More...]