Benefits of a Room Humidifier in Your Edmonton Home

Benefits of a Room Humidifier in Your Edmonton Home

An often-overlooked problem during our harsh Edmonton winters is the effect of dry air in a home. Dry air can contribute to a number of issues that directly affect a household. Sinus problems, nose bleeds, dry skin and static electricity are just a few of the negative effects. While many might view these as common problems associated with winter, it’s the dry air that is the main culprit (a byproduct of the season). A good way to combat the dry air in your home, and minimize its negative effects, is with a room humidifier.

While some homeowners might opt for a whole house humidifier, which is installed directly into the duct work of a central air system, a room humidifier is a cost-effective way to achieve the same goal on a less invasive platform. Also referred to as portable humidifiers, these units come in a variety of different sizes and designs and offer a high level of moisture control in a specific area. For years they were thought of primarily as a vehicle for keeping newborns healthy in cold weather. But in the last couple of decades they have become an essential tool for ensuring the health of entire households.

Recent studies have concluded that higher humidity levels (by at least 43%) can help reduce the “infectivity of influenza virus particles released by coughing.”* Getting a room humidifier for specific rooms in the house will not only help with colds and asthma problems, it will help promote softer skin and keep wood furniture and accents from cracking.

The benefits of a room humidifier include:

Sinus Relief: One of the worst effects of dry air is the drying out of your sinuses. Not only does this cause irritation and nose bleeds, it can lower your resistance to viruses. Sleeping with a room humidifier can dramatically improve the dryness associated with low humidity.

Reduced Infections: The bacteria that causes viruses is greatly impeded with humidity. If you have children in your home, it is strongly recommended that you keep their rooms humidified at night. It will help them sleep and greatly cut down the risk of getting the flu this season.

Healthier Skin: The dry winter air can cause a variety of skin problems. While dry, irritated skin might seem like a minor nuisance, it is a precursor to several potentially dangerous problems. Constant scratching can cause open sores and infection. The dryness can promote flaky skin, dry patches and accelerate wrinkles and other signs of aging. Adding humidity to the air will help bypass these problems and keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Improved Sleep: Dry air can promote coughing, loud snoring and sinus agitation. These conditions can make it difficult to get a healthy night’s rest. A humidifier can alleviate these symptoms – and also provides a more comfortable environment for restful sleep. They have been essential for keeping infants healthy and comfortable for decades.

Houseplant Health: Indoor plants can be great for filtering out toxins in your home. But the low humidity can dry them out, especially the soil. Some people tend to over water them in this state, but that will only harm them further. A humidifier can ensure that your plants stay hydrated and healthy throughout the dry winter.

Reduced Static Electricity: These quick electric shocks that occur frequently in the winter are also byproducts of the dry air. Adding humidity to your home will keep the static electricity at bay.

Faster Healing: A humidifier can help you heal faster from colds during the winter. When your sinuses and throat are kept moist, they are better able to heal. A humidifier can ensure that the turn-around time for recovery is must faster.

Wood Protection: Many homeowners don’t realize that their wood furniture, doors and other structural accents can be severely damaged by the dry air. Wood can splinter, crack and break due to the loss of moisture. Introducing more humidity into the air can help reduce the effects of a dry winter.

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Edited Photo Source by Bart Everson

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