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Benefits of Spring Air Conditioner Service

Benefits of Spring Air Conditioner Service

The winter months are falling away as the new year blossoms into Spring. Thoughts turn to spring tasks such as cleaning, fixing up the garden, and prepping the house for the long summer to come.

Most homes that suffer from hot summers will have central air conditioning (A/C) for year-round home comfort. Throughout the winter and fall months, the A/C is often left unused and disregarded, only to choke back to life when the temperatures rise in the late spring. 

Giving your A/C a good service earlier in the year is the perfect way to prevent issues later in the year. In this article, we are going to cover what the benefits are to getting that early spring service in and why it could benefit you in the long run. 

Keep Those Bills Down

Nobody likes spending more money than they have to, particularly when it comes to their electricity bills. 

By servicing your air conditioner on a regular basis, particularly earlier in the year, you will find that you save yourself a fortune in the warmer months. Air conditioners that are regularly serviced tend to perform better than their un-serviced counterparts. They typically use a considerable amount of electricity to work to the capacity that you require. 

An air conditioner that has been serviced will operate in such a way that it requires minimal electricity to run, therefore, saving you a substantial amount on your electricity bills. 

Air Quality 

Air conditioners recycle the air around us, drawing in and removing the heat from the air and releasing the cool air back into the room to keep us nice and chilled. 

Air conditioners also have a secondary use, they filter the air as they cool it. There are viruses, allergens, and other pollutants in the air we breathe. The air conditioner has inbuilt filters that are used to filter the air, removing allergens and particles from the air before we breathe it back in. Handy, right?

Well, if your air filter in the air conditioner is not changed on a regular basis, these particles can slip through, meaning that the air is not as clean as you may think. If you live in a big city, this can be very important as the build-up of pollution from cars, shops and general city life can potentially have a long-term negative effect on your health.

It’s recommended to get your air conditioner serviced in order to maintain the health of the filters and in turn, your own health.  

Life Without Breakdowns

This one shouldn’t be a shock to you; however, some people are under the impression that their air conditioning will last them forever, without ever having a service or replacing basic perishable parts like filters.

Think of your air conditioner as a car, it carries air in and out of your home all day long, day in, day out. That’s tough work and parts are bound to get worn out and run out. By arranging one of our qualified technicians to come and service your air conditioner, you could potentially be saving yourself a fortune in the future.

If you are as lucky as most people, your air conditioning will break down at the hottest point of the summer. Having a broken A/C on a hot day will have you wishing you had serviced it earlier, as to avoid this situation entirely.  Read more about how A/C servicing can reduce the occurrence of sudden breakdowns here.


As parts of your air conditioning start to fall off, you will notice that your unit may not be producing the best quality of air cooling. This can often be down to the fact that certain parts may need replacing or topping up, such as the air filters we mentioned earlier. 

By having that annual or bi-annual service you are ensuring that your air conditioner is in top shape, ready for whatever the summer throws at you. 

Protect the Warranty 

Not what you may think of straight away, however, you will find that in most warranty guarantees it will stipulate that in order to maintain the set warranty period, you have to regularly service the air conditioner. 

This means that if something should go wrong with your air conditioning unit, and you haven’t maintained it by regular servicing, the manufacturer can then turn around and tell you they won’t be replacing it, due to the fact that it hasn’t been serviced. 


When you first purchase your air conditioner, it looks brand new, it works perfectly, and the idea is to keep it in that condition for as long as is practically possible. Often air conditioners will be bought and then left for years without the proper care and attention they deserve. Not good considering the amount of work they put in to keep us cool. 

With regular servicing, the air conditioner has a better chance of standing up to the harder efforts presented by long hot summers. Meaning it hopefully will last you for decades, not just years. 


The hot months are particularly hard, the heat is a nightmare to work in and can sometimes make life impossible. The only reprieve from this is your air conditioning. It’s important to remember that as long as you regularly service your air conditioner, it will be able to perform well. As a result, your air conditioner will keep you and your family comfortable.
If you are struggling to try to find the right person to check out your air conditioning, rest assured we have experts on hand to give you all the advice you need. Our technicians are professionally trained to conduct a thorough inspection and testing of your system during a 26-point A/C tuneup. If you are looking for air conditioner repairs or routine maintenance, you have come to the right place when you contact Always Plumbing & Heating. We will always provide you with the best advice on repairs, and we will never try to sell you replacement equipment that you don’t need. If you have an old, inefficient air conditioner that has frequently been breaking down, or if you don’t yet have an air conditioner and this is the year you want to get one, we can also provide you with the best equipment for your home. As Always, it will be expertly installed and come with the best warranties. When you get your air conditioner maintained by Always Plumbing & Heating, you will understand why A/C means ALWAYS cool!

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