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    Stay Cool in the Summer by Zone Cooling and Mini Air Conditioning in Edmonton

    June 13, 2016

    Have you noticed that some rooms in your home are cooler than others? Perhaps you have a sunroom or office that doesn’t have a vent for cool air circulation? If these circumstances sound familiar, you may want to consider purchasing[Read More...]

    Smart Thermostats to Maximize Your Home Comfort and Energy Savings

    May 30, 2016

    In March 2016, a report by the Fraser Institute said the rising cost of electricity is increasing energy poverty in Canada. Over one million households are spending more than 10% of their incomes solely on electricity and natural gas. As[Read More...]

    Shopping for Water Heaters in Edmonton? Compare Your Options Before You Buy

    May 5, 2016

    Today there are multiple choices for your home’s new water heater – from tankless to boilers to traditional hot water tanks. If you are in the market for a new water heater, take some time to do the research and[Read More...]

    How Clean is Your Water? Install a Whole House Water Filtration System and You’ll Always Know!

    April 25, 2016

    There are plenty of unseen contaminants in your home’s water, and while most are safe, there are some that could lead to a whole host of medical issues. If you purchase clean, filtered water to drink, why not save on[Read More...]

    Book Your A/C Maintenance Appointment this Spring

    April 1, 2016

    After a frigid winter, spring brings a lot of excitement to Edmonton. Spring mean spring cleaning, blooms and retired parkas. Don’t forget to prepare your air conditioner for the warming temperatures! It can be easy to forget how important your[Read More...]